Connect your grill to the internet


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Designed and built in Germany, this little and robust box will bring your Maverick ET-732 Wireless Grill Thermometer readings to the internet. You will be able to monitor your grill whereever you are. With your smartphone, with your tablet, with any web browser.

"Low and slow"

BBQ and smoking enthusiasts know: for "low and slow" BBQ and FOOD thermometers are a must. And the thermometer has to be wireless, so you have more freedom and more time for your friends.
ET-732 We think the Maverick ET-732 is the best Wireless Barbecue Thermometer available. Please read the Maverick ET-732 Review from Grillinsmokin , why. One of its key advantages is its unsurpassed wireless range, up to 300 feet.

Maverick ET-732 Range Extension

Now imagine an even higher Wireless Thermometer range! Need some additional shopping while your grill is running? But you don't dare to leave home, because the last time you did, on return your grill was cold? Put your mind at ease: use your mobile device to monitor your grill or smoker over the internet. Visualise temperatures as graphs, take direct readings.

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If you know, your smoker does fine at home, there is no need for hassle and rush. You can take your time, chat to friends you meet. You have real-time control over your BBQ and smoker temperatures - whereever you are. No additional app to install on your mobile device. All you need is the web browser you already have.

How does it work?

It's all in a small box that hooks up to your Windows PC at home. The box with its antenna intercepts the radio protocol (fully legal) from your Maverick ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer. No batteries required, the Maverick-Box is powered through the USB port of your computer.

A Windows software, free for download for Maverick-Box owners, transfers the data to our dedicated web server. From this web server, you can access your BBQ and smoker temperatures with any web browser.
With every purchase of a Maverick-Box we will reserve you a personal directory on our web server. The directory name, if still available, is yours to choose on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Grilling together is fun

Often you use several grills in parallel. Neighborhood events, weddings or maybe a BBQ competition. Too many Wireless Thermometers can be confusing. Not so with the Maverick-Box.

Neighborhood grill event

The Maverick-Box intercepts each and every ET-732 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer in its range and displays them in different tabs. Each tab can be labelled individually, e.g. "Don's Ribs". So a tap on your display and you are looking at the right temperatures - no more guessing! As with any web page, you could tile them all on one screen. Use your beamer to project them for the convenience of all.


If you decide to order a Maverick-Box from our Order Page, please select a personal directory name. We will ship you the Maverick-Box and E-Mail your personalized licence file for the Windows software. The software is free to download for Maverick-Box owners from our Download Page.